Sunfire Ultimate Receiver or Arcam AVR300 for HT?

Looking to simplify my home theater system down to a one box receiver and as such I am considering these two highly rated receivers. I've read all that I can on these forums about these two receivers but can't determine which model I would be better off with. I am purchasing used as its impossible to find any dealers here who carry the Sunfire receiver at all, let alone any dealers who carry both models for comparison purposes.

My usage would be 75% HT and 25% music. I currently run Outlaw separates (950 model) and also own the HK AVR635. I'm mainly looking to improve dynamics, sound stage and overall enjoyment in all aspects of HT and music listening (auto EQ on the HK tames the bass peaks but shrinks the sound stage).

Which model would you recommend and why? I can get the Sunfire for approx. $500 more than the Arcam and really like the idea of two component video outputs as I can run one directly to my tv and the other directly to my projector. I have no need for DPLIIx as I run a 5.1 setup and I don't listen to any multi-channel music. Given that the Sunfire Ultimate Receiver has an MSRP of over $4000 and the Arcam has an MSRP of just $2000, is the Sunfire the better receiver?

All opinions are appreciated.
I own the SFUR and have never heard the ARCAM. The SFUR is a great receiver for HT. I use it in a 5.1 set-up and use the extra 2 channel amp to drive zone 2 in my kitchen. I really like that it has two sub outputs, is very powerful, has a really nice remote, and sounds excellent when watching movies. I ended up augmenting it with an integrated amp with a home theater pass-through because I have ended up doing a lot more 2 channel listening. It certainly is serviceable for music and I enjoyed it a lot for a couple of years before I got the integrated amp.