Sunfire True Sub Parts/Repair?

Hi all - I have acquired a Sunfire True Subwoofer Mk II with a bad main driver- it has a small chunk/slash out of it from being dropped in shipping. The diver still worked, just rattles a little, and everything else worked perfectly, so I bought it locally for $30 and am looking for a replacement driver or someone that will repair this one.
Sunfire will fix it if I ship back to them and send $275, or they'll sell me a new driver for (gasp) $600 but I'm looking for a cheaper way out, if there is one. I've searched the web and found nothing.
If you go to Google and type in :

sunfire reconing

you'll find a number of folks who fix those drivers for a nominal amount plus shipping. Or just call Sunfire and ruin their day by asking for the number of the company that recones their drivers for them ;--)

Oh man, I tried "repair" and "parts" and other various words, but not reconing. Thanks for the tip!