sunfire sig 600,krell 300fpb,levinson 333,what do you think

I am new and just looking for some thoughts,I think I would be happy, with any of these amps,also thoughts on cable,I will be buying used B&W 802's have old Revox just now thanks for the help
The Krell and the Levinson are in a different class than the Sunfire. The Krell FPB300 is a newer design than the Levinson 333 and to my ears a much better choice. A harder choice would be between the FPB and the Levinson 336.
Have fun. (I own the FPB300 and find it FANTASTIC!)
my sunfire sig amps blew away lev 336, havent had krell in system, sunfire is way better than most want to admit too. my front end was lev 360s and380s da and pre amp. money was not a factor in my choice, speakers are ml statement2s. listen for yourself .
The guys that make Pipe Dreams told me that they considered the Sunfire Signature to be the most well balanced amplifier available at anywhere near the price. They considered the big Krell's slightly superior in bass "slam" ( which they are ) while also stating that the Krell's offered slightly poorer / harsher performance in the mids and treble. In their opinion, the big Classe' amps lagged pretty far behind both the Krell's and Sunfire overall. As such, they said that they did not consider the Classe' line of amps as suitable for use as a full range amplifier for their speakers. These were the only three brands that "Dr. Craig" brought up during our conversation, so that is all that i can pass on... Sean