Summer Project - Replication of MBL loudspeaker 10

As the tittle suggest I am on a journey to try and replicate my dream speakers. Here is a link to my thread which is located over at I need a little help determining the measurements as seen in the illustration provided. If you or anyone you know can and will help I would love to hear from you. Pm or post here.


But ... it is fall, and winter will be starting soon enough :-)

(or are you below the equator?)
Did you happen to notice that the project you're trying to duplicate took 3 years?

Is this your first speaker project?

Did I miss the "planned" crossover details?
I am aware it took three years.they were pioneers and so i am calling on their expertise with their help i have realized the whole construction of the mid-range in three months. the tweeter should take a little less. The big problem is the huge aluminum group.