Sumiko BPS Evo III vs Hana EL/EH

Hi All,
I currently have the Sumiko Blue Point Special Evo3. The Hana is a similar price and has some great reviews. Has anyone here been able to compare the two? I was wondering if it would be an upgrade or more of a lateral move?
I'll be upgrading from my roughly 20 year old Rega Planar 2 to a Mofi Studiodeck in the very near future and am giving some consideration to a cartridge upgrade too.
Thank you.
The Mobile Fidelity is in Rega P3 territory sound-wise. If you want to go to the next level for not that much more, look at the Technics SL-1500GR. It will see off a Rega P6 especially if you replace the rubber mat. You can even change the arm in future if needed. Don't be too enamored with HOMC. They're not an easy route to higher-end LOMCs. 
I'd just spend slightly more on the Hana SL which is substantially better than the EL.  Truly a value for the money cart if there ever was one.
You haven’t mentioned what phono stage you are using, but if it has sufficient gain, then I would agree with the idea that the Hana SL is most likely superior to any other cartridge mentioned in this thread. I candidly admit that I am not a big fan of the Bluepoint special.
My phono pre is a Sutherland Ph3d. I didn't realize there was a Technics in my price range. I thought the $1800 one was their entry point, so I'll look into the less expensive one that was mentioned. My preference was to buy and support local (dealer has Project, Rega, Mofi, EAT, VPI). I won't rule out mail order though. I'd be a bit nervous about mounting a cartridge myself.
The 1200GR (1210 is black) is around $1800. The 1500C is in your price range but do not get it. Get the more expensive one. You’ll be all set for years. If you get the MoFi or 1500C, you’ll still be on the upgrade path in a year and kicking yourself. Save bucks by hanging on to the BPS for a while. YOLO. Nice to support local dealers but at the end of the day, it’s your trip.