Suggestions for rear speakers to go with Aerials

I'm looking for rear speakers, under $1,000, to go with my main and center Aerial speakers (model 6 and cc3b). I love the sr3 Aerials, but they are out of my price range. I'm considering Energy V2.0Ri(under $1k street price) and Paradigm ADP-470($950 retail). Has anyone tried either of these speakers with Aerials? Any other speaker suggestions would also be appreciated.
I have aerial 6s as well (and 5s, and a cc3b soon). You might try the older L-series ADS. They never made a HT-oriented speaker (e.g. dipole/bipole) but some of their small monitors are quite nice in that position. L300, L400, L470, 570, etc. Many to choose from, all nice, most relatively cheap. Voiced similarly to Aerials- no surprise since Mike Kelly of Aerial ran a/d/s/ for many years before starting Aerial. I have some L400 a/d/s I got in *mint* shape for $175/pr. - have seen them for even less too.

Way to go Ed.I never knew that re.Mr. Kelly. To add my 02--(inflation you know) most any pair will still give you the ss factor. I think too much is made of the matching thing, anyway.--- Esp. if the budget is strained. Ed's got your ans for ,how you say abuck75. ---When the ship comes in use the 6s for the rear and get some9/10/or 20s.