Suggestions - DAC for a Wadia 171i

I listen to a good deal of streaming thru my Iphone, and just picked up a Wadia 171i. Now I need a DAC.
Price range: $750-1300, new or used ...

Is a Wadia 121 the natural (synergistic) choice for the DAC ? Granted, the aesthetics sure do line up...

Whatever I get, I was told it should have a heaping helping of jitter reduction (given the streaming source, I suspect) and while I know some models (Schiit Gungnir, etc) emphasize this quality - does the Wadia 121 also emphasize jitter reduction ? Looks like a nice little digital preamp, along w/ having a pass thru ability for the amps, using just the digital volume control

Amps: Viva Sintesi, Linn AV5125D, Monarchy SM70Pros
Speakers: Audio Note AN E, Linn Katan/Sizmik, Sonab OA116
Listening: Small scale chamber, smooth jazz, vocals,

Any suggestions or counsel sincerely appreciated.