Suggest one obsure album we all should hear

I love when I discover an album that's new to me, and great.Please share one so we can all broaden our musical horizons.

Mine is:
Wishbone Ash  'Argus'

My 2 cents: 'That's the Way I Feel Now', a Thelonius Monk tribute double album from the 70's. Most of the artists covering Monk tunes, or should I say re-imagining them, are well known (eg Joe Jackson, Todd Rundgren, Peter Frampton, Dr John, NRBQ), but the album appears to be a rarity. There is a good CD too, also OOP, but it omits some of the wilder efforts of John Zorn and others.

Thievery Corporation - The Mirror Conspiracy

Kalabi - Bloomin

il:lo - Meliadi

Khruangbin - Mr. White

Eric Hilton - Who are You?

Tor - Floxglove

Gary B - Passengers

Tycho - Simulcast

Yppah - Eighty One

Mathew Halsall Joyful Spirits of the Universe

Brothertiger - Fundamentals, Vol. II

A Forest Mighty Black - Mellowdramatic

Goose - Ted Tapes 2021

Not really sure what qualifies as "obscure," as it is a relative term... but if you've only heard Springsteen's BTR and later albums, you're missing his best, imo:  The Wild, the Innocent, and the E Street Shuffle.

Or, when was the last time you heard John Denver...?  How about Rocky Mountain High album... 

Not really obscure if you're a Willie Nelson fan, but if you're not familiar, then: Red Headed Stranger or his gorgeous album Stardust... 

Simon and Garfunkle: Bookends.

And for you rockers, better than their BTO Greatest Hits album(s): Bachman Turner Overdrive: Not Fragile

T Rex: Electric Warrior

and I violated the question, which asked for one album.

Well, thanks, everybody, for the list... just mining this list is going to be a lot of fun.