Suggest one obsure album we all should hear

I love when I discover an album that's new to me, and great.Please share one so we can all broaden our musical horizons.

Mine is:
Wishbone Ash  'Argus'
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Storyville - A Piece of Your Soul

This band is from Austin and features the rhythm section from the late Stevie Ray Vaughan along with 2 FANTASTIC guitarists and a black albino Vocalist who's voice is superb. I first saw them on Austin City Limits. They have 3 albums  which are all very good IMO. Hard to say which is best. 

(1) Storyville - Good Day For The Blues - YouTube

Thank you. I just listened to some NRBQ & Notorious Cherry Bombs on YouTube. What a hoot & good playing. I really enjoyed the NCB's song "Its Hard To Kiss The Lips (at Night That Chew Your Ass Out All Day Long)" I absolutely Love bands that don't take themselves overly serious. This is a characteristic I believe I see in both bands. And its generally good musicians  who have that quality. After playing in local bands for a long portion of my life, I know its very hard for most local musicians to entertain a crowd