Sufficient power/current speaker for Magnepan 1.7 SSR speakers


I am upgrading my home theatre system (donating it to my son in law) and wanted to build a system around Magnepans (I know - hard to drive)

This is for a dedicated HT system

I have a separate 2 channel setup in another room


L/R 1.7s

Center CCR


I have a JL Audio Fathom F113 subwoofer


Currently I have an Arcam AVR 350 which I could audio out to the 3.1 or 5.1 amp.


I have been told I will need significant power to drive the Maggies sufficiently.


any recommendations for a 3 or 5 channel amp, 5 channel HT SSP?


Parasound comes to mind as a high current amplifier




love to hear some personal experiences




uhmm try biamp or high current amp ?! reasonable power is ok, major problem is the impedance swing. amp like old adcom or krell can work very well,,