Subwoofers pro or home?

i have been offered a huge sub for about 1000$ USD
its a jbl pro array one with 2x14" drivers that they use for concerts. I have also been offered a pro amp. It is the crispest most punchy bass i have ever heard. are there any downsides for using this kind of sub at home? it isnt very large either - cabinet size i mean.
The down side is no deep bass. That unit goes down to about 50 hertz. Punchy babb is in the 50-80 hz catagory.
It's certainly not something I would use in a home system.
The Pro arena is about playing loud, not deep or accurate.
On the above babb should be bass. It's to early for my fingers I guess.
I have a similar question. I am building a home theater and two small stadium theaters in another state. We are using JBL systems in the comercial theaters. I was going to use home theater sub woofers at home but after looking at the JBL commercial catalog I see sub woofers ( model 4645 c or 4642A) that produce 22 Hz with power up to 800 and 1200W . The cabinet size is not a problem. They use 18" speakers. It's low (22 Hz) and loud ( I can control the volume). I know very little about home sub woofers so why should I not do this?
18" drivers may be slower than the woofers of your monitors, making it harder to smoothly integrate, but, w/a good x-over & a low-enuff x-over point, it can be done. before taking the plunge, czech out vmps' www re: their larger sub - i have a pair, & they go deep & loud, & are wery accurate & plenty fast. also quite reasonably-priced.