Sub $200 IC Recommendations-Bass Attack & Clarity

I need a new ic from my pre to my sub amp/cover. Normally, im purely a tone and smooth lush type guy. But in this circumstance id obviously like to maximize bass, speed attack and clarity. Off the top of my head any thoughts on the

Speltz IC
MAC silver ultra

thanks in advance for suggestions....
Hi. The MAS Silver IC is very fast and, I believe, still available for under $100. I haven't heard the Speltz IC, but, based on how their speaker cables sound, I think they would also work well. Good luck. :)
I recommend you check out The Cable Company website. They have many sub cables to demo and will help you on the phone to match one up for your system. I suggest any of the Synergistic Research Cables. These are the best I have ever used on a sub.