Streaming via SONOS Bridge vs. iPhone

Hi. I'm fairly new to streaming (and this forum), using it mainly secondary to CD and vinyl for testing new music, background sound, etc. I have no real experience w/ SONOS. Currently, I stream mainly off my iphone using an id100 (docking device from Cambridge Audio) which bypasses the iphone DAC and transports the digital info via coax through a DAC (Rega) into my amp. Question is, how would this approach compare to using a SONOS setup (ie SONOS Bridge & Connect I assume) in terms of stream quality? In other words, does the SONOS approach, working through my internet router, improve streaming efficiency / quality...or is that really defined by the streaming service used (MOG in my case)?

Considering getting SONOS, and trying to understand if rationale goes beyond functionality and affects quality.

many thanks

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The Problem with Sonos is jitter. This will handicap it from the get-go. However, for both Sonos and iPhone, this jitter can be minimized using reclockers such as the Synchro-Mesh. The quality of the digital data from iPhone and Sonos will be identical. The problem is the jitter. A reclocker can even be added to the iPhone Dock to reduce jitter. Jitter is more important than even the DAC.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio