Straight Wire Rhapsody 2 .

I bought a pair of Straight Wire Rhapsody 2 .
I also own the Rhapsody S .
I noticed the R 2 doesn`t have the name of the cable printed on the cable.
THe R S does have The name printed on the surface.
IS this common for the R2?

Well I can answer my own qeustion.
The print is (barely) visible.
It's directional too, so try and find the "faint" arrows which should point with the flow of the signal.
THanks Onemug , for your advise.
I apologize for the faint print (silver on clear jacket).
Standard configuration is not directional
Arrows are included in print legend so, if you have a long run and are concerned with antenna effects, Straight Wire can terminate the shield at one end - your choice source or load - to direct any noise to the component with the best grounding capacity.