Sting recording

The other day I was listening to Sting "Seven Days" and about :26 sec I can hear someone say "ouch' or something like if the person was in the booth. It soo faint that you have to play that section of the music to really figure it out. Does anyone know this? Thanks?
I will check it Tuesday when my new [new to me] GNSC STATEMENT modified Wadia 861 CD player arrives.
Hey Mejames, did you get your Wadia?
hello Wadia arrived 1 day late thanks to UPS error had detour to San Francisco temporarily. Just got it up and running yesterday I will check the Sting today. Surely will hear what your hearing this player has incredible detail resolution. Justin
Highend64 believe I heard 2 words possibly 3 what they are I haven't a clue? Sounds like it's from the mixing console area like at the beginning of the second song is another but clearly audible.
Justin, I played track 6 again and yes, I hear it the second one, about 1 or 2 seconds later. Track 2 can be easily heard.