stereo pre as phono pre arc

Wondering if I can use my Audio Research sp-6 as a phono pre if I bought an integrated to power my speakers? Going out of the tape out into the integrated, there's also a pair of monitor outs.
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Sure, that will work. It will act then just like any other high level source connected into your integrated amp.
thanks for the response, are you familiar with the monitor output on these units? What should it be used for?
Thanks again Rushton, L
I don't know the SP-6's layout. I strongly suspect that it's just another tape out by a different name instead of Tape 1/Tape 2. I'd just about guarantee it if you only have a single tape input and a single tape output. In such case, the monitor out would allow for tape-to-tape recording by allowing a second tape recorder to get an input signal via the monitor out jacks while the tape input/output jacks are occupied by the source tape deck.
Thanks for the info, I just want to know what these outputs do so I don't blow something up. Thanks again.