Step up from music hall 2.1

So I am looking to take a step up from my music hall 2.1 w/ grado gold. I'm using a jolida JD-9 and a jolida 302b powering a pair of Zu omens. I listen to a lot of rock, reggae, and jazz. I'm not opposed to a vintage table but I'm thinking I don't want to mess around with restoration. I'd like to spend less than $1000 but I'm not married to that budget. The most important thing is sound. I live no where near an HiFi dealer so I'm kinda limited to the web. This is why I'm leaning toward a new table that I could send back if needed.
I like the look of thorens. Would replacing the tonearm be worth a hoot? First post on my own post. Lol!
You can only go up from the 2.1. However, if you can put off a purchase and save up some more you could make more than what will probably be a small step up. I understand that you prefer to buy new, but if you could consider a used table your money will go much, much further if you are a little careful.
Rega P3-24 or Music Hall MMF-5.1.
Good advice.
I had a MMF 1.0 with a Benz Mirco MC20 ($250 maybe, I bought it a long time ago) + a multitude of tweaks like DH ceramic cone feet, a ringmat, and a rewire. After about 9 years of ownership I thought I would skip the midlevel upgrade and jump straight to a Michell GyroSE with a SME 309 arm and a $1500 low output MC that was part of the sale (audiogon). What a disappointment. The level of audio improvement was positively not worth the investment. The MMF with the benz cart delivered appx 80% of what the gyro does at 10% the cost. That said, the Gyro is a beauty and a conversation piece and I'm glad I have it. I know if needed I can sell it for what I paid (unlike the MMF)

Anyway, my advice would be to enjoy what you've got, $1000 isn't going to get you much further.
Yes, $1k might get you much further though $1.5K would be better. Turntable and arm are the last place in the chain where you want to save. And forget about the look unless you have a special ability to guess right the performance based on look; it is not impossible but very difficult. I would suggest used too though sometimes you can get a great close out price on new or demo unit. My preference is Nottingham tables.
I'll take a gander at Nottingham. What is the general consensus on vintage thorens? Would a 160 be a step backward?