Stands for bass traps

I am looking at buying 4 bass traps for each of the corners of my listening room but do not want to screw them into the wall and also want the option of taking them out of the room when company comes. The bass traps are 24" wide and 48" high, does anyone have an idea of what I could sit them on so that they are about 24" off the ground. I need something that is attractive that will pass the wife test

Here is a link to the bass traps I am considering buying (they are local so I could pick them up directly from the factory).

Thanks for any ideas anyone can come up with!
Those are very nice. Unfortunately membrane traps should be mounted rigidly. You don't want the frames vibrating instead of the membranes.
You may want to consider bass traps from Real Traps. You can order stands specifically made for them. I'm using them with the stands and they're easy to move around.
Thanks for the input......I was told on another forum that the ideal spot for the bass traps is as low as possible and extending up at least 1 foot above your ears in your listening position.

My ears are 42" high at my listening spot so it seems that I could conceivably buy the mondo bass corner traps from Real Traps and just sit them on the floor because they are 57" high. At $349 each before shipping they do seem to be pretty expensive.

Is 12" above the ears the best top height for the bass traps? The primeacoustics bas traps are only 48" high but they are less than 1/2 the cost of the Real Traps. Based on my ear listening height do you think I could just sit these on the floor?
You might be nitting picks there. Bass is not that directional and reflections aren't that straight forward. I've hung membrane traps in the ceiling corners, like angled soffits. Placement is not as critical as you might think for this type of trap and you should experiment a bit. Are those 3" fronts removable? I remember actually feeling the difference in vibration of the membrane when I moved them around but my hearing wasn't quite as discernable. With the traps, the bass went from nasty to downright evil, but in a good way.

For the price of the mondos, you could stack 2 Prime's (if you have 8' ceilings) and velcro them to the wall. You could lay them down on the floor if you don't have to worry about kids and clumsy vacuums. Don't worry, be happy.
I don't know how you would stand them up "on the floor," but the Real Trap stands allow the traps to be attached to them at variable heights.