SS to Pair with Acoustic Zen Adagio

There have been a number of threads (somewhat dated) on amps to pair with the Acoustic Zen (Extremes) but most of the discussion focused on traditional tube amps. I am looking for suggestions for SS amp or integrated. Has any one heard these speakers with Rowland Continuum, Vincent SV-236 MK II, Cambridge Audio Azur or even the NAD M2?
I don't know about the other amps you mentioned but I'd bet the Adagios would sound excellent with a Wyred 4 Sound STI-500. It offers smooth but detailed mids, great bass control, excellent dynamic contrasts and treble that's well-focused and detailed without being fatiguing or overbearing.

I've used the amp with great success on some large VMPS speakers and also the NSR D3 Sonatas. It's a very neutral sounding amp.

Plus it's got a nice array of control features including absolute polarity reversal for your polarity reversed recordings...

Happy Holidays!
I have a pair of Adagios and I run them with a BAT VK-200 and a Cary tube preamp for vinyl. For digital I run the Cary with a TAD 60 tube amp. The Adagios really like tubes for digital. BAT works well with vinyl
When I had Adagios the best sound from them came with using Wyred4sound monos with a Modwright tube pre. Was really outstanding. They also sounded excellent with a BAT VK-55 but I preferred the first setup I mentioned. I think any class D amp with a tube pre would be a great choice. I believe that Robert of AZ uses the Red Dragon amps at shows with his speakers