SR Tesla Cables - Master Control Center required?

Just starting to read and learn about the new Synergistic Research Tesla Cables.

For those who have used / demo'd these the use of Synergistic's "Master Control Center" required?


No, it’s not required. You still get great performance with just plugging the active shielding into a power strip. Just make sure you get a power strip with the ground pins that run along the side so you can fit multiple MPC's.
I don't know for sure but I would just assume a "YES". The "Active" concept is near 10 years old and I doubt they would change. (active--active-X and active X2)
Master Control NOT required...they come w/ their own MPC power supplies. Joeyboynj has got it right...nice powerstrip is all you need. BTW: REALLY nice I've heard from my PASS LABS' gear. And not stratoshere prices!!