Spikes for B W N803

Seems there are a lot of happy 803 owners out there. I am one of them. But the spikes are miserable. Does anyone know of a spike that fits the N803 and is longer, sharper, and easier to make leveling adjustments to?
Forget the spikes.I work in a Hifi shop and sold a freind a Krell pre,CD and a FB 300 ($10K) amp.My boss had sold my buddy some crappy wire.I got him some Cardas but suggested s set of Sound Anchor stands.He thought it was the wires that made his jaw drop I knew it was the stands.Bob Warzalla makes the best stands ever.Call him up and tell him Chazz from western mass sent you 321 724 1237.The Sound Anchors by far and away were the ones most mated with the Matrix series 800's (I have 'em under my 802's).They only raise the speaker 5" under the 803's tilt them back a few degrees and the stock spikes fit into spike cups.Then they have great spikes themselves.Your speakers will improve 1000%.Trust me he knows more about B&W stand needs than B&W.I should know I sell B&W for a living.
Agreed, spend your money on sound anchor stands instead. They will be three point and easier to level. Not to mention will stabilize your 803's beyond your expectations. The spikes with the N803,804 are pathetic for the cost of the speakers.