Spectral Equipment Matching w/ Speakers and Amps

Has anyone auditioned Spectral Equipment w/ Dali speakers? I have heard that system matching is very important w/ spectral. I am in the middle of auditioning the Spectral DMC-30 and DMA-150 Series 2 w/ MIT interconnects and speaker cables.

I have a tube based system Cary Audio CAD 50M MkII monoblocks and Golden Tube Audio SEP-1. I recently purchased Dali MS4’s and was looking to replace my preamplifier. Initially I was considering tube pre amps only until I was given the chance to audition a Spectral DMC-30 while I was waiting fro a CJ 17ls to arrive. When I took it home and placed in my system I was very impressed. I realize that I went from a $900 pre to a $6K pre, but what an improvement not just a different flavor.

Next I tried a CJ 17LS and am still in the process of determining what my personal preference is between the Spectral and CJ pre in my system w/ the Cary tube amps.

I took the audition experience to another level today. I decided to go all the way with the Spectral system. I have not made any conclusion yet as I still need to A/B/A compare. However my initial impression is that the soundstage with the full spectral system does not seem to be as deep as with the spectral pre / Cary tube configuration (keeping in mind I have not done the A/B yet). I may be jumping to conclusions but I am very interested with what others have experienced.
If you like the Spectral sound , I would skip the DMC 30. It does not have the
SHAA modules . The generation 2 SHAA modules are superior to the curcuits
in the 30. Get the 30SL. Will have better width, depth, articulation, bass,etc.
I have owned both.
I have the amp and preamp you are auditioning and have used them with Martin Logan Prodigies, Wilson Watt/Puppies and now MBL 101s. I've been very happy with each combination and really didn't have any matching problems. The DMA-150 series II is a phenomenal amplifier and can drive the notoriously difficult 101s with ease. I'm very satisfied and wouldn't think of changing the Spectral electronics, they are that good!