spectral amp with thiel 2.3 speakers?

current setup: MIT, Theil, classe. desired system: MIT, Theil , spectral dma-90 I desire your thoughts, and experience. I've never heard or seen these products together. would this be advisable. I'm looking for a very trasparent open sound. the dma 180 is my dream amp. does the 90 have the same characteristics? and would it sound good with my other gear?
pay attention, spectral amps are very demanding, you should have a preamp that deliver current, to know it, look at the output impedance of your preamp, if it is more than 100 ohm, forget it.
I can only guess, but it seems like anything Spectral with anything Thiel would be overly bright, even for someone who wants the sound to scew in that direction. AS FOR THE 2.3 SPEAKERS, YOU'LL HEAR ZERO TIMBRAL COLOR AND NATURAL FUNDAMENTALS IN THE MIDRANGE...they aren't flat, and have a suckout thru most of the midrange.