Spectral Amp and Pre-Amp Manuals?

Does anyone have manuals for the Spectral DMC-20 pre-amp and/or the DMA-180 (series 1) amplifier that they would either sell, photocopy, or scan and send as an e-mail attachment? I would be more than happy to reimburse you for any costs incurred; I need to learn more about this equipment than I can find on the net. Any help would be much appreciated!

Also, Does anyone know what the little silver toggle switch, located about an inch to the right of the Spectral DMC-20's IEC inlet on the rear of the power supply, does? Does it switch between 120/240 volts, or...? I can't wait to see if anyone can supply me with a copy of the manual to find out about this.

Thanks, Mark
Spectral is known for their exceptional customer service. Try calling them at 408 738 8521 (California)

Best of luck.
Thanks, Joe. I called Spectral today; they're not sure they still have the manuals I need (and the person who might know definitively is out 'til next Monday). So I'll still have to pursue alternative routes, and hope someone here might be able to provide a copy.

Regatds, Mark
My DMC-20 manual has gone with the unit when I sold it some time ago. If my memory serves me well, that little switch you described is a "ground lift" switch. Just switch it to the direction you think that gives you less hum. In my case, it didn't matter as my unit has no hum at all.
I have both manuals. If you still need copies, let me know. Leo