Speakers to pair with Integra 40.3

I just got the Integra 40.3 AVR. I bought it mainly for features and because buying separate components seemed infinitely more complex and expensive. Regardless, I am upgrading my system and looking to replace my current speakers, which are B&W 600s3,601s3,LCR60s3,and ASW600. They probably cost about $2,100 total. I think I am willing to spend around $4000 USD on upgrades. Unfortunately, I do not have anywhere within 50 miles that has a showroom, so I will have to go off reviews alone. That being the case, I would like suggestions on speakers that pair well with and AVR like the Integra 40.3 that are well suited for HT, Gaming, and music that has electric instruments (guitar, bass, drums) ..not classical or opera. Suggestions and advice?
You won't drive 50 miles for a $4,000 purchase?

A friend of mine has the 40.2 and I have a 50.1. I think they are solid products.

I prefer Focal speakers but only have a 4.1 setup. I'd stick with the ASW600 subwoofer because it should perform as well as anything that you'll be able to purchase with your budget.

Are you wanting to upgrade all of your speakers?

I'll give you two suggestions:

Focal 816v mains ($2,000)
Focal CC800v center ($695)
Keep the best of your B&W speakers for rears
Keep the ASW600 subwoofer
Use the rest of the cash to fill in the whatever you're not happy with.

Focal 836v mains ($3,000)
Keep the B&W for rears
Keep the ASW600 subwoofer
Start saving for a two channel integrated with a home theater bypass. I would have suggested putting the rest into getting a 50.3, but I suspect that it's too late.

My 50.1 seems to do a fantastic job with my 836v speakers, but I'm not sure my friends 40.2 would be enough to keep me happy.

I love the Focal Chorus series speakers for strings and percussion.
That is correct, I am that lazy.

I like your suggestions. I used to sell car audio in the 90's and Focal had made its way into it. At the time I was using MB Quart for all mid and highs. Then we had a pair of kevlar Focal come and they blew my mind. I bet they sound equally as good for home audio.

The ASW600 is very overpowering. I couldn't imagine needing more power. I barely turn it past "on" at this point. My main gripe is center channel for HT. It just doesn't seem to have any clarity for dialogue. The one thing I NEED to change is my center channel, or at least find out how to improve the quality of it.

Focal Chorus, Monitor Audio Silver, and Dynaudio Excite are all on my list of options.

Also, how is the PS3 as a Blu-Ray/DVD/CD player? I figured since it was software upgradable that it was a great option, but I know nothing about its DAC or upscaling quality.
I've never listened to a PS3 side by side with anything else so I don't really know. Sadly, the new PS3s don't do SACD like the old ones.

If you're planning to sit between the main channels for movies then just skip the center all together. I don't miss not having one at all. It's money that can be put somewhere else.