Speakers for Naim?

I have Naim CDS2,NAC52 and NAP250 amp.I like big sound like Revel f30 I just own but want to upgrade to give my great equipment justice.I am thinking of Revel Salon's,Wisdom D75 or Avantgarde Duo.Any comments about those choices or any other suggestions.No small speakers please.I forgot to mention Naim DBL but don't like the design,I know this sounds awfull.Thanks
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have a listen to the Neat Elites. Work very well with Naim gear. I was thoroughly impressed when I first heard that setup.
I use a pair of Kharma Ceramique 2.2s with my Naim CDX/XPS and find them to be very happy together. At least *I'm* happy.
mike,i've always noticed naim owners tend to have very nice equipment in their systems.my system is almost identical to yours and i have been happy with hales t-8's.when you can find them they are usually around 50% (5k) of their original asking price.fit your bill for big and i think are quite attractive as well. deserve a listen.
If you lurk around the Naim forums - Royd Loudspeakers get mentioned quite often. Great speakers, nice sound and match well with Naim electronics.
I was recently blown away by a pair of Wilson Benesch Discoveries fronting an all naim setup. the sound was one of the highlights of my audio auditioning life. seriously.
Epos speakers were designed for Naim. Their tonality offsets Naims weak points - lack of bass and brightish top end.
I dumped my SBLs and Monitor Audio speakers and got Dunlavy SC-IIas. A huge improvement.

SBLs did not start sounding interesting until volume levels were very high. At low pressure they lacked any bass.
I finlly purchased speakers I can live with USHER cp 8871 amazing.Mike
I was at Pro Musica in Chicago recently and they had Dynaudio speakers connected to many of their Naim components. The systems I heard there all seemed to have the synergy thing going. However, the new Naim NAP 250 amplifier sounded excellent through a pair of Quad 988's.