Speaker upgrade

With the help of my local technician, I upgraded my Snell E-III speakers with Solen litz inductors (in tweeter and bass/midrange crossovers) and installed Jensen Alunimum PIO caps (12 + 6 uf) in the bass driver crossover. The upgrade added much bloom and the sound became more uniform and consistent (which was apparent after some burn-in and after changing the speaker cable). Now the dealer offers to install Jensen PIO caps (a 6uf cap is required but the Jensens do not have such value) saying they are the best and more accurate (which I doubt: they are good but not neutral), using 5uf + 1 uf values. May I install other caps instead such as 6 uf Relcaps/Multicaps or Cardas caps which this dealer handles or I should stick to the same brand? Also, he offers to replace Monster speaker wire with Kimber 8 TC, but I doubt how he will be able to solder this multistrand wire.

I will appreciate any comments and recommendations.


If your first experience with the dealer doing parts upgrades was good, why would you doubt his ability to do another upgrade to the same speakers? Did the first experience not earn your trust? Why do you feel the need to be reassured by a bunch of people you have never met or done business with when you seem to have already built a trust relationship with this dealer? If your dealer says the upgrades can be done and in his OPINION they will produce good results and you trust him, then go for it.
Thank you!

Initially, my first experience with that dealer did not earn my trust because I thought that the upgrade he offered outclassed the level of my speakers, until I heard an improvement when the caps and inductors burned in. Now I have ordered more Jensen caps for the tweeter crossovers and that man promised to install them.