Speaker suggestions.

I lost the sub for my Monsoon MM1000's recently from lightning and I need some new $300ish speakers to tide me over till I splurge for a whole new setup(I'm going with a separate integrated amp/bookshelf monitors later.) The speakers will be playing through a Mac G4 via a Griffin iMic. I liked the sound of my MM1000's a lot. I've heard the Klipsch Promedia BTW and prefer the sound of the Monsoons for my listening tastes. So the list that I am looking at is:
-Monsoon PM 14's or older MM1000's
-Swans M200's (maybe add a Klipsch SWS sub?)
-Acoustic Energy Aego One

I only need 2.1 and listen to mostly jazz, ambient trance, classical and light R&B music. I mix in a lot of older rock as well so the 8" sub in the PM14's is appealing.

Has anyone had a chance to listen to all of these? What were your impressions?

Thanks for any input,

I have not heard any of the speakers you mention. I continue however to be absolutely amazed by the quality of sound from the Paradigm Atom. My wife commented after selling our $11,000 pair of electrostatic loudspeakers that the Atoms (set up to hold me over until my new speakers arrived) sounded almost as good as the stats. They retail for $190 a pair. Amazing value!!!!!!!!
I've owned the Swans, Klipsch Promedia 2.1 and I've heard the monsoons. THe swans win hands down. The only thing I did not like about them is that they are a little large for computer speakers.
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Prpixel, which Monsoons did you hear? Yes, the Swans are rather large but I intend on going with a similarly sized bookshelf(Von Schweikert VR 1 probably) and integrated amp eventually once I can invest enough. I planned on using stands though when I do upgrade. The Atoms sound like they could work well and they are not that expensive. Maybe those and a decent used integrated would be the way to go until I can upgrade? Thanks again for the input.
I listened to a couple of different models, but do not remember the model numbers. I have a friend that is a "hi-end" dealer and he recommended them. I listened to his a a few other pairs in a local store and thought that there hasn't a good intergration between the sub and the sats. Either the sub do not go high enough or the sats didn't go low enough, but there was a big hole in the lower midrange. They had a very nasal sound to them. The Klipsch and lots of bass and lots of highs but where was the mids? The swans have a very warm sound and don't really need a sub. Both me and my wife loved the sound but she kept complaining about size.

For my own computer listening I have an M-Audio revelotion soundboard hooked up to a Monarchy Audio SM70 Class A amp driving a pair of B&W Leisure monitors and a Kef powered sub.

I've found that there is a big difference between the various Monsoon models in terms of sound quality. The older flagship MM1000's sound the best IMO but yes there is room for improvement in the lower mid range area. I believe the crossover is set at 200hz so the sub is covering for the lower mid range area. I guess the mains can't go much lower than that and thus the slight blending/low mid range issue. I haven't listened to the new PM14's yet but they come with an 8" sub as opposed to the MM1000's 5"-6"ish sub. I'm sure the bass response is better with the PM14's but from some reviews I have read, the older MM1000 satellites sound better than the PM14 satellites. My MM1000 satellites are fine but they need the amp and crossover in the sub to power them which is what was lost to lightning.

Your setup sounds nice. I think my next major step after getting something here as a stop gap is going to be one of the following integrated amps depending on how much I can spend:
-Rotel RA-02
-Audio Refinement Complete
-Krell KAV 300i

With any of the following speakers:
-Paradigm Atoms
-Von Schweikert VR 1's
-Legacy Studios
-Totem Model 1 Signature or Mani 2's

There's a big difference in price for some of the above and I'll be looking to score quality used items if I can. The Rotel RA-02 and the Paradigms may be an excellent $500ish combo until I can spend the big bucks on the Krell and Totems. If I can get a used 300i and used Totems for around $2k or under, I'd probably jump all over that. My wife would kill me but hell, I'd be jammin'. :^)

Thanks again for your input,