Speaker stands for Dynaudio Focus 140

What would be a good speaker stand for the Dynaudio Focus 140's. I justed purchesed these speakers and now i need stands. I am looking at Sound Anchor Stands, their three post and single post models. They are expensive but, are they worth it, do they make a difference? This is my first pair of monitors, i have always owned floor standing speakers. My system: Plinius 9200, Naim CDP 5i-2,all FMS cables. Thanks for you input.
Sistrum stands will beat out any steel, metal, SS etc.. stands on the market.
I own the Sound Anchor Studio Adjustable stands and I think they are an excellent investment. Regardless of the next set of monitors you buy the studio stands will accommodate them.

I've recently changed from 12" cube M&K reference monitors to JBL studio monitors (about 7" taller) and in 1/2 hour I had the platform rotated and the height adjusted.