Speaker set up tip from sumiko trained

put on a cd with female vocals and small jazz backing like patricia barber. get on hands and knees facing side wall so that one ear is pointing towards spot midway between speakers and other ear is pointed at and next to center of your listening chair. lower head to floor and come up slow and listen for mid and treble detail. in my system sound bloomed at chair seat cushion height then went away a foot higher. raise front of speaker until sweet spot has moved up to ear level when seated. you can rake back too much and wind up with glare. if partially unscrewing spikes to rake back use washers to fill area caused by unscrewing. easily done and undone. please report your results if you try this... happy listening
and if your wife comes in when you are doing this, start barking like a dog.
Glad I don't have to go through any of this with my Shelby+Krolls, They sound great no matter where you listen