Speaker impedance selection for McIntosh MC-300 ??

I have a a pair of Paradigm Studio Reference/100 v.2 hooked up to a McIntosh MC-300. The Paradigms specifications indicate that these are 8 ohm speakers. However, a review of the Paradigms in the June 2000 issue of Stereophile states "....the impedance, however, drops below 4 ohms between 55Hz and 210Hz, with a minimum value of 3 ohms at 90Hz (fig.1). A good 4 ohm-rated amplifier should be used with the speaker." My question is: The Mcintosh provides different amp output taps for 2-4 ohm speakers, 4-8 ohm speakers and speakers 8 ohms and higher. Currently I have the Paradigms hooked up to the 4-8 ohm taps. Is this the best way to hook up these speakers or should I hook them up to the 8 ohms-and-higher tap. Any advise would be appreciated.
Call McIntosh in NY. 800-538-6576 Ask for some technical help. Not the customer service which is Sharon ext. 244
Try different settings and pick the one that pleases you the best sonically.
I would hook the speakers up to the 2-4 ohms taps - you will lose a bit of power transfer, but gain in less distortion.


Bob P.
I called McIntosh and spoke with Chuck Hinton (sp?) He was awesome and gave me technical advice on the same question you have.

I have the McIntosh MC1201's hooked to B&W Nautilus 802's Although the owners manual for the B&W states they are 8 ohm speakers, Chuck explained why they should be connected to the 4 ohm tap. He gave a long well reasoned explanation. I'll let you call him to get the scoop for your speakers.

Hope it helps.
Thanks for the great advice. I'll be calling Chuck at McIntosh (I assume he's in Technical) to get his explanation.