Speaker for NAD C320BEE

Dear Audiogoners,
I have recently come to the hobby. My setup now is,

NAD C320BEE integrated amp (50 wpc)
NAD C521BEE CD player
Acoustic Energy Aegis 1 monitor speakers
Velodyne powered sub (80 watts?--it was $300 at the mall in 2000)

I'm looking to spend no more than $600 (new or used) to upgrade speakers. I would like a good all-around speaker--jazz, folk, rock, classical. The Aegis 1s are very good for some things (folk-rock, jazz), but not so kind to thicker music (e.g., Soundgarden). I am just starting to look around. So far have considering PSB (new, maybe Alpha T) or maybe Totem (used Rainmaker). Any suggestions greatly appreciated. In particular,
-Can I get new for $600 better than what I have now?
-monitor versus floorstanding given budget and amp?
-Is my sub worthy of pairing with good (c. $1,000 new) monitors?

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The AR.com kit speaker designed by Ed Frias and sold through Madisound is superb.Even if you paid a tech to wire in the crossover these would come in well under $600 and they sound more like $2000 Spendors or Proacs[very coherent and refined].They sound nothing like a budget speaker.
If you're looking new, agree on the PSB recs.

I use JM Reynaud Twins with my bee and a Sony 9000es sacd/dvd player in my second system. Very, very pleased with this setup, does everything very well. Used should be well within your budget, but you'd need 28" stands. Don't think you'd be disappointed, and if you upgraded the amp, say to a tube int, the Twins sure won't embarass themselves. Used them for four years with a Rogue Tempest int.
I put together a bedroom system for a friend using the same NAD gear and paired it with a pair of the newer little EPOS.. What a great match. The system sounds better than that it has a right to at the cost.. Good luck..

The best setup I heard with your NAD was with Klipsch Herresey vintage speaker. They're sold used for arround $400. With sub you'll have sub-state of the art setup I assume.