Speaker cables for office/travel system.

So I have put together a lovely little system for my office, that is also my travel system. I have everything dialed in...except the speaker cables. Not that the sound is bad in any way, but I think it's time to get some proper speaker cables, instead of the 12awg cheapies I'm using now.

My music is mostly mellow jazz/electronic/acoustic, etc. I like a warm mid (hence the tube buffer), tight bass, and can't hear above 16k...so treble isn't my big thing.

The cables can't be too fat, or inflexible, as they will need to be stowed in the Bass Case when traveling. Likely 5 or 6 feet long at most. I have been thinking about Kimber Kable 4TC for all, or 4TC for the satellites, and an 8TC for the sub.

Continued below....

I could also braid some cables if that works best. I can terminate them myself if needed, as the amp uses pin connectors...otherwise banana plugs work fine with pin converters. Trying to keep the cost around $300.

Any thoughts on cable options would be much appreciated! Thanks.

The System:
MacBook Pro →
Wireworld Ultraviolet USB →
Jolida Glass FX DAC →
Audioquest King Cobra RCA →
Grant Fidelity B283 Tube Processor →
Audioquest King Cobra RCA →
Cambridge Soundworks Model 12, 3-channel Amplifier
Internal crossover at 120hz →

2 X 12 AWG speaker cables →
Anthony Gallo A'Diva speakers

1 X 3/16 AWG braided cable →
Bass Case (passive subwoofer with 6.5” driver)


Guess I'll just make some DIY cables.