Speaker Cables for a 35' Run???

I'm looking for some advice regarding what type of speaker cable that can be used for the long run (35') required to hook up with my rear/surrond speakers. Preferrably something that won't bleed my bank acount?

I currently own the following equipement:

Arcam 300 Reciever
Marantz 9600 Universal Player
PS Audio Power Director
Dali Helicon 400's ~ C200 ~ W200
Cardas Neutral Reference for mains and center speakers (bi-wired)

Any insight is greatly appreciated!
Canare 4S11. $.69/foot from Markertek.com
Any 12 or 20 ga. cable will do nicely. Try Home Depot or Lowes.
CL3 rated 12/2 or 14/2.
No 20 AWG.
Call Frank at Signal Cable