speaker cable

I,m running ausioquest cv4 in double runs to my near 50,s. Bass seems low,so I was thinking about running 10 gauge wire for lows. How will this work?
Hello Dermio, I had a situation somewhat like yours before I upgraded my speakers and speaker wire. I used to own a relatively low cost pair of JBL LC-310 (3 way with 10" woofer) driven by a KRELL KSA 250. Being on a budget, I double Bi-wired the speakers with 8 gauge multi-strand copper on the woofer and 14 gauge silver-plated/Teflon wire on the Mid/Tweeter. The sound was unbelievable considering the cost. Since I have upgrade to Martin Logan & Kimber I still have the 10 foot lengths of the 8 gauge available. Please Email if interested.
You didn't mention your amp...If it's a beefy one, larger AWG wire will be good. If it's not, you'll lose bass focus with the wire's higher capacitance.
I am using the adcom 555 amp in my system
In all liklihood you'll prefer larger AWG with the Adcom. Good luck. Hope you have room treatments.