speaker advice

listen to mainly rock with additional jazz. ahve auditioned
gma callisto and merlin tsm and liked both but am unable to hear them together to get a direct comparison. anyone have an idea which one would perform better with that style of music. room is medium size and using 100 watt ss
int amp.
Is this the 13x15 room from your last thread or a different room? Small, mediun or large, the GMA Callisto is the ticket. I have had mine for 20 months and I don't look for speakers. I'm still amazed at the music they convey, the band and instrument are real and how enjoyable they are to listen to. I've listened to both. It was not a hard decision, IMHO.
Callisto is an amazing little speaker, I was really impressed when I auditioned them.
yes its the same room. my biggest concern is that they wont sound the same in my roomcompared to what i heard at the demo. someone also recomended the legacy classic to me
when i mentioned i listen to mainly rock pointing out the
bass reponse but they look a bit large for my room and there is no way for me to hear them.
I my opinion, they will sound better in your home properly set up and tweaked by you. The Callisto has amazing bass response for a monitor and the small room will accent this. Good solid stands will be needed for these 60 lb. speakers and the lack of cabinet deflection just adds to their ability to make music. Mick Fleetwood's drum beats on Fleetwood Mac's "The Dance" are like being at the concert and I saw them live in the late 1970's. I play hard rock, soft rock, jazz, symphony, old, new or whatever a friend might want to hear and the Callisto's play music as intended by the recording. As a owner of the Callisto, I can't say enough about how enjoyable these speakers are.
hi panu,
just looking at your comments quickly i would recommend the gma to you over the tsm. ss and rock music will probably come accross more to your liking on them unless you have something like an ayre ss amp with some tonally balanced and right sounding cables. this rings more true for older tsms but the tsm mme or mxe sound considerably fuller and more room filling than any earlier version.
just my two cents.
good luck,
bobby at merlin
hi bobby. appreciate your comments and your honesty. this has been a bit difficult for me since there are so many different speakers to choose fromand the ones i seem to be concentrating on are a bit difficult to audition side by side.add this to the fact that once they are in your listening room with your electronics they can still sound different . i work in nyc but have been a bit turned off by the audio stores in manhattan as they all seem to be pushing only the brands that they sell with no honest advice. had narrowed it down to a few different brands such as merlin , gma and also thought about tylers.auditioned the gmas, heard the merlins at a friends and also had thought about the taylo reference monitors but
there was no way to hear them.these three companys it seemed to me to each have great reputations and customer loyaltys. had a nice conversation with roy johnson who seemed very passionate about his work, once again appreciate the comments from bobby and would like to call tyler acoustics and explain my questions about room ,speaker placement and ss amp before making a final decision.ive rambled enough but for a novice into high end audio like myself it is nice to see people like roy and bobby take time to respond to my situation. your comments and integrity are appreciated especially after some sales pitches i have been through.