Sound Labs Renaissance - anyone heard them?

Anyone know anything about these? They are a more manageable size and price of speaker by Soundlabs.
Yes, the R-3/R-4 combination were demonstrated a few years ago at CES. They are no longer on the price list but probably can be built to order. The DynaStat hybrid, which now employs the PX technology and is more substantial than before, is the model available and described on the Sound Lab website.

I am a Sound Lab dealer.
I had the Sound Labs Baroque's and liked them alot
I heard the original soundlab renaissance(1 and subwoofer 2) speakers circa 1977 when I visited Roger West out in his factory outside of Salt Lake City. He was running them with an early aragon amp and they sounded great. I heard 2 pairs set up for early surround sound a year later in NYC and they were spectacular for that time. I'm sure the newer sound lab offerings are better integrated top to bottom with better panels and materials but I suspect a properly running old pair with updates (electronic)from the factory will give many modern speakers a run for their money. Quality designs by quality people are always in style in my book. Properly running old apogees,dayton wrights and soundlabs are still wonderful speakers.
Thanks! Yeah, Renaissance seems dead. I spoke to the SoundLabs people today. Also got a listen (had to sit through 2.5 hrs traffic to hear them) to some of the huge Soundlabs. Very nice! When talking to them I recommended that Soundlabs come out with a 80/100 HZ and up (80 would be better but 100 is fine too - who doesn't have a subwoofer these days?, and at this price/size it has to be comprimised somehow - and even the large ones I heard today don't do what my Hsu does), 21-ish X 65-ish inch 5k (6.9k at absolute most, but 5 would be much, much better) speaker and send 4 to every dealer they can (as many (most?) people don't even know they are still an active company) and that this spec (particuarly at 5k not 7) would be perfect for many more living rooms than the awesome speakers they do make now. And that pricepoint is a magic one - over 5k becomes more and more rare for purchases in the wider market. Maybe in 3 years it will happen! I'm waiting!!!

The Renaissance in several ways fit that bill - that was my interest in it...