Sony STR-DA5300ES as Preamp?

I'm wondering if it's worth using the 5300ES as a pre-amp and running a more powerful 5 channel amp (rotel or parasound for example) for the speakers in 5.1 system. I'd like to be able to use the hdmi, video and sound fields of the sony but use better amplification. Any thoughts on his being worth the effort?

I use the predecessor STR-DA5200ES as a preamp. It replaced a TA-9000ES preamp. Over the years, I've owned a number of preamps, including APT, Briston, Denon, and the aforementioned Sony. I've also had occasion to audition other high-end brands in my system which belong to friends or which I've returned after purchase. The STR-DA5200ES is by far the best of the lot, even when used purely as a preamp for music enjoyment. It is free of stridency, can be accurately calibrated to account for speaker and room acoustics deficiencies, and -- best of all for pure fun -- can be used in its Multistereo soundfield mode to turn ordinary two-channel material into a startling approximation of multi-channel playback which rivals multichannel SACD and DVD A playback. Since the 5300 has cured the video upscaling bugs present in the 5200 and is presumably identical to or superior in other regards, I think it will do well by you as a preamp.
Thanks for that information. I'm setting up a second dedicated home theater in my basement and am in the design phase. I have an Onkyo TX-SR805 running the HT in my family room. The receiver is fine, but I am not thrilled with the in-ceiling anbd in-wall speakers. They just do not have a full sound, especially for music. Because of the sony's better video processing, I decided to save it for the basement system, but intend to have better speakers that will require more power to sound their best. I haven't seen to many companies making seperate components that are caught up on hdmi yet (except for Integra and Parasound). It sounds like the sony will serve well as a pre-amp. Thanks again