Sony NS-9100ES vs. Marantz 8260 comparison?

Has anyone done a comparison-a/b listening test, on these two models in stock form? If so, you comments about their CD play AND SACD play would be appreciated.
Thanks & Good Listening!

I've never heard either, but I've read a lot about the Sony. If you are going to use the 7100ES with a matching Sony digital receiver, like the STR-DA7100ES, it will pass SACD output digitally via the iLink. With the Sony DVD-NS9100ES/STR-DA7100ES combo, the signal stays in the DSD digital domain all the way from transport, through amplification, never going through a D->A conversion.

I haven't heard it myself, but I've been told it is a very good combination. Although it may not be an audiophile approved combination, it may be very good for a combo HT/music system at a reasonable price.


The reviews are great about The Marantz but my friend bought it and sold it quickly as it was hugely disappointing... it wouldn't even play a couple of the SACD's he bought. I not a huge fan of Sony equipement but after hearing this marantz I would definitely go for something else.