Sony KDL-52XBR4 - connection/setup questions...

Associated equipment: Onkyo SR805 Receiver. Direct Tv H20 HD box. 6.1 NHT speaker setup. Toshiba XA2 HD DVD player. Cambridge 640CV2 CDP. Logitech universal remote controlling everything. Is there anything to be gained by going directly (HDMI)from the cable box to the TV; with the TV's audio out connected to one of the receivers audio inputs? Any downside for the audio signal.

Would apprecite the input/suggestions of other Audiogon members who own or have experience with the xbr4 LCD.

Please also mention picture settings (cinema mode) and advanced settings being used.

Thanks for all responses.
I can't see how there would be anything to be gained with the setup you describe and, in fact, that's probably the worst possible setup given your available equipment. Why would you want the TV to process the audio instead of the 805? I would suggest going with HDMI from the H20 into the 805 and HDMI from the 805 into the TV. The 805 has excellent connectivity and functionality, so put it to work for you. To connect in the manner you described, the 805 is waste of money.
Have the same TV. Am using HDMI from a PS3 direct to TV and Digital audio out on the PS3 to the Yamaha receiver.
Have always gone direct from video source to TV and audio source direct to receiver. Best of luck!