Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 Sig preamp mods?

Hello All:
I have a SFL-1 Signature in my system for about the past 8 years, and overall very happy wtih the sound. Getting more bang for the buck than the Sig demands considerably more $. Before I sell it, is there anyone out there modding Sonics? I have tried a number of tubes, but wondering if anything can be done replacing caps or similar.

Thanks in advance,

Talk mod over with Parts Connxtion. Chris Johnson was founder of Sonic Frontiers & has many ex Sonic Frontiers employees. Someone working for PC probably designed Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 preamp. I had them mod Jolida JD-100 & am very satisfied.

I believe partsconnexion does (former parts connection/sonic frontiers sister company) out of canada.
Did you see the modded SL-1 here on audiogon? $650.00 for a upgraded unit? Check it out. I think it was modded by Parts Connection. You could always try this unit, compare with your own and sell the loser.....Could be a win, win situation. Good-luck
Thanks, folks!
Looks like PartsConnexion and I will be doing a little business!! Just what I was looking for, appreciate it.