Something better than "wall wart" for power?

Does anyone know of a cost-effective upgrade for the funky little "wall wart" 12-volt transformer that comes with the Muscial Fidelity "X" series of components? (Musical Fidelity's own upgrade, the X-PSU, is discontinued and hard to come by used.) Thanks for any suggestions.
I have been using the Ault high current power supply from Hosfelt, with great results. Cost is around $20.00 shipped. If you use more than one X-ponent and have a little extra scratch try the Musical Fidelity X-PSU, now only available used, in the $150.00 range. Happy hunting.
You can use anything that outputs 12 - 14 volts AC. It HAS to be AC though, NOT the more commonly used DC. This is VERY important and something that many folks take for granted.

The factory wall wart is 500 milliamps ( .5 amps ), so you need at least that much current. Going to a higher current transformer will lower the impedance of the power supply, reduce noise that the transformer itself generates, etc... Something along the lines of 2 amps should be plenty, as this is 4X the amount of current that the device was previously being fed. Sean