sme tonearm cartridge help Please?? 3009 S2

I have the S2 improved with detachable shell..I have never used this arm, I have looked at many forums and a lot of folks have educated guesses etc. But I was wondering if anyone had actually used the ortofon OM 20 or 30 with this arm? The numbers come out well with the specs from ortofon.... I need a 200 dollar or so cartridge and am looking for some real world advice. I have extremely detailed speakers so I am afraid of too much harshness...if someone has a better combo they have tried I am open to suggestions... but from what i have seen in the cartridge world, anything that tracks at 1.5 grams or less the ortofon seems like the choice. Thanks everyone for any insight!
Hi Gcharl01
I had this arm on my LP12 fitted with a Goldring 1042 - great smooth combination. I also searched the web for info but could not find much.
Thank you, I looked at the goldring models, I very much considered that very model, I may be missing something, but to get greater than 1.5 tracking force, wont I have to go to a different anti-skate/counter weight etc? or just max out the stock tracking weight in it's stock form?? Goldring says it likes to track at 1.7... Although it may sound perfect at 1.5... My arm seems very close actual vs. indicated tracking force.. thanks again!
The Grado Prestige Gold is $180 list, tracks at 1.5 grams and is smooth and warm.
HAllo Gcharl
I bought my arm 2nd hand without a weight for bias setting - made up my own but cannot recall what it weighed in the end. I tracked my cartridge at just over 1.6.
There are two weights for that arm at 3 grams and a 5 grams if I recall. Alfred at can tell you and provide parts as well.
Well I found the info on tracking for the arm. It seems I just need a double bias weight, then- adjust tracking above 1.5 by screwing in stock main balance weight... no problem! Well, other than the fact i cant seem to find anyone who sells that exact double bias weight...I do like the goldring line! It's tricky when on a budget, you can spend 300 on a "budget" cartridge in no time... Anyone know of a way to purchase the correct bias weight? Any other suggestions on cartridges? Thanks everyone!
Yes, the info sheet i read by sme says 5.6 grams, but even 5 would still put you in the ball park obviously, I have read such mixed reviews on grados, what about all this hum? my table is an ariston RD80 if it matters...
The Grado hum issue is table dependent. I've only heard of the problem. In 14 years as a Grado dealer I've never run across it. I don't know if the Ariston is compatible or not in this regard. With your concern about harshness it sounded like it might be the ticket. Obviously, it's a matter of taste. At this price, you have to give up something and the Grados error in the direction of richness which can be quite satisfying if not the Nth degree in resolution.
Ok i see, thanks for the info, i can say from experience with the speakers alone, extremely detailed speakers with bad recordings combined with digital/amp harshness is very tough on ears... Its magic on good recordings, but I dont want to push my luck, I am going to do some reading on the grado this evening when i get home. I do know people love them.
Thanks again for your thoughts