SME 20/2A set up

I have just set up my new SME 20/2A and the SME V arm(headshell) overhangs the front of the turntable by aprox 1 inch.This seems odd as the cartridge could be knocked quite easily.
Can a fellow 20/2A owner confirm this is normal.
I have set up sme arms before so I know what I'm doing but I have never seen a 20/2A "in the flesh" to compare.
Hello Ian

Welcome to the SME club. The arm does hang over the edge like you describe. The footprint was designed to be small for more ridgity.

Hi Ian ..As Paul said Welcome to the SME club!! You will enjoy I'm sure. Don't forget to try the deck on its ball bearings. To do this remove the feet and pop out the rubber feet with a small allen key or similar.

What cartridge, Phono stage and tonearm cable are you using??

Regards Jonathan.
I can confirm that mine overhangs slightly, also.

Welcome to the club.
Just looked at mine, yes over hangs the plinth by about a inch. Never really thought of it as a problem, I kind of like it for sylus cleaning.

The ball bearing tip is good. Also, try a better power cord on the motor controller. You'll be very surprised and happy. New belts seem to help it every year or two. I also have mine on a Symposium Ultra stand. It is sensative to what you place it on.

Good luck, great table !
Thanks everyone for the overhang info - much appreciated.
I've just upgraded from a model 10 which tended to be simpler to set up.
Thanks also for the advice on trying the ball bearing tip - I'll give it a go.
Ian - I agree with all above. All tonearms will overhang as the table footprint is small. I'm using the table with its ball bearings sitting on a Symposium Ultra platform with great results. I had a custom dustcover made from which sits perfectly on the Ultra and protects the arm while keeping dust off the table. Highly recommended.
Well now I'd like to know from you kind gentlemen ( i'm presuming mainly males inhabit this knowledgable place) do all four suspension posts have to be adjusted to exactly the same height ?
I have levelled the base with the feet, but to get the platter level I have to have the posts slightly different heights.
I know the SME instructions are kinda foolproof,but it makes out that you use the spacer to get 3mm gaps all round- if i do this the platter is not level.
Any tips / advice will be very welcome.
Thanks in advance.
You can spin the little round feet at the bottom to level. You should do this precisely...then...use the 3mm spacer to adjust the suspension posts. My 20/2 3 of the posts are about the same height, and one is about 1/3 inch higher...

Hope this may have to redo the leveling me if you need more. Thanks