Simaudio's NEW Moon 750D DAC/Transport

Simaudio is coming out with the new Moon Evolution 750D DAC/Transport. Has anyone seen it or tried it? It's one above the Supernova. Info is up on their site.
I miss my Eclipse.Infact I am kicking my ass I sold it.
What is the msrp of this new unit?
Joey - Like you we are eagerly awaiting our floor demos of the new products for our Chicago location. Looks to be a real winner!


I see it will have an optional power supply offered in 2010 also.It will be intersting to hear how it sounds. I really enjoy the Supernova and am wondering how much better is this new model over the Supernova.
The retail price is going to be $11,500. It looks like I may pick up a discontinued Supernova for a nice price instead.
Passing on the Supernova and the 700i and looking for something better. Simaudio refused my trade in.
Joeyboynj...what are you thinking about as the next step? What don't you like about your Krell CD/SACD player? What's your budget?
I have the Supernova and like it better than the Levinson 37 transport/360S dac it replaced. My dealer says the 750 won't be available until late january, early february.
Dear Friends audiophile.

This Excellent DAC is a bad marketing move through the audio market and at the same time it is a real good DAC.

1- A 32bit DAC does not exist and the NASA could not have one today

2- The digital filter and processing are 32bits and this is far to be the first to come out with this technology (MSB Tech and others). The input resolution is 32bits and still not the first anyway.

3- The sabre DAC is not even a multibit DAC !! but a Delta Sigma DAC with 6 bit resolution and inherent technical limitations of Delta Sigma on musicality aspects. Read the paper right from their site :

4- These false claims are scandaleous from such a manufacturer and probably no reviewer will dare to mention the real facts.

So be informed and do not be fooled by the over-the-top advertising made by the audio companies who actually use this $39 chip
In my opinion, I think Simaudio equipment is overpriced now. I'm looking elsewhere for my next upgrade. I was told by a Simaudio rep I was able to trade in my less than a year old i-7 integrated towards a newer unit and soon after he changed his mind and said no.