Simaudio Neo 400M vs. Parasound JC-1

I am interested in feedback on the Simaudio 400M monoblocks vs. the Parasound JC-1. The JC-1 is an older design that is very well known and loved. There is a lot less feedback on the 400M's (and Simaudio stuff in general), however, the few reviews I found said the 350P+400M sounds great.

I currently use a Simaudio 340i integrated amp with Monitor Audio PL300 speakers. I do like the 340i in general so I was thinking of a lateral move to the Simaudio 350P pre-amp in conjunction with the switch to monoblocks.

Any comments on the 400M's vs the JC1's ?


For reference,
"Any comments on the 400M's vs the JC1's ?"

The only opinion that matters is yours. For something like this, you really need to demo the equipment before you buy it.
Sure, that would be ideal.

Perhaps any Simaudio 400M owners could chime in with their experience.

It would be great to hear from someone who has used/owned both the 400M and JC1's

If you like the 340i, why don't you go up to the 600i or 700i. They are both dual mono integrated amps.

I have the 600i and think it's the best I've ever had.
If I do that, I would need an external DAC and phono stage.