Sim Audio Eclipse vs Audio Mecca Mephisto ll X

I am interested in these two CD players. How would you compare the two?
I recently picked up the Sim Audio Eclipse used from another A'gon member. It was an older Eclipse (3 years old) w/ the separate power supply. For me it was a huge upgrade from my prior CD player, a consumer quality/lo-fi Yamaha 5 disc changer. I have not heard the Audio Mecca so I unfortunately can't do the A-B comparison you want. The sound quality is astounding w/ the Eclipse. Caveat: as all the Eclipse reviews have stated, you need to "bridge" the BNC to BNKC - SPDIF in/out digital gap to really get what you paid for. & my what a difference in sound quality when the gap is bridged. The sound just jumps out at you in a 3-D fashion, with amazing micro-detail. I finally got the sound I was looking for: getting lost in the music, to the point where you can feel you're at a live musical venue when you listen. For people upgrading their sources, the Eclipse is an impact product: it will make an audible difference for the better in sound quality.
I own the Audio Mecca Mephisto IIX. I have not compaired it to the Sim Audio Eclipse but have compaired it to other top players, AA Capitole, Wadia 861SE and Accuphase 75V. To my ears the Audio Mecca bested them all. Huge soundstage and most analog sounding player I have heard.