Silverline Sonata II vs Triangle Celius

I'm considering buying either the Sonata IIs or the Celius. Pros/Cons of each? Driven with an Audio Note M2. Thanks,

I've heard both recently. The Sonata dominates the Celius in every way, bass, midrange, highs, soundstage, coherence, details and microdynamics, and last but far from least, fit and finish-the Celius is a vinyl wrapped box; the Sonata is wood, very very well finished indeed.
I'll second Mscommerce's response. I spent a LOT of time over the past 3 or 4 months listening to speakers. After auditioning probably 15 different speakers, I narrowed it down to Silverline and Dynaudio. I listened to both the Triangle Celius and Lyre models. The Triangle's were o.k., but I much prefered the Silverlines. The larger Lyre is more comparable to the Sonata II's. The Celius closer to the Sonatina. The Silverline's have a magic that the Triangle's couldn't match. Choosing between the Sonata II's and Contour 3.3's was a very difficult decision. I ended up purchasing a beautiful pair of Dynaudio Contour 3.3's. (Thanks for the advice, Marakanez!) Detailed, accurate, uncolored sound. No bloat in the bass. I also enjoy a good dose of LOUD rock once in a while - the Dyn's are amazing!

BTW, Alan Yun at Silverline is a great guy. He was very patient in letting me listen to his Sonata's, La Folia's, and Sonatina's. I really wanted to buy from him, but decided I couldn't afford the La Folia's, and the Dynaudio's are a better fit in my room than the Sonata II's. I wish I could have A/B'd the 3.3's and Sonata II's next to each other...


I haven't listened to the Sonatas but know Triangle's (for about 5 years now) and I am a great Fan of them. What I have listened to are the Dynaudios. I completely prefere the Triangles to the Dynaudio's. I wan't tell which one are better because they sound diferrent. You need to hear both speakers in a good setup and find out which suits you better.
Triangle's are great allrounders with a boogie and fun factor that's hard to resist and when live music comes into play the Triangles are very hard to beat... So some speakers look bland in comparison. And not to forget Triangles benefit greatly from tube-amps!

Trust your Ears and listen to your heart.