Silverline Audio Speaker Cables

Has anyone tried these cables with Silverline speakers?
Please share your thoughts if you have. Thanks.
Haven't tried them, but Alan liked my wires at one of my dealers so bet there is a resemblance.....Go for it as that is what Alan used to develop and voice the speakers.....
I briefly used them with my Sonatina mk 1's, before I upgraded to Synergistic cables. I still have the Silverline cables, however they are currently connected to a pair of Triangle Titus xs.The cables I have are shotgun biwire versions.Sonically, top to bottom, well balanced. However, if you feel you'd like to hear more top end, you might want to check someother cables. In all the areas, soundstage, definition, imaging etc, etc, the cables did well. You'd probably have to spend 2 to 3 times their cost to make subtle improvements. If I have to guess, the cables are probably made by Audioquest.