Does anybody have experience with SILNOTE AUDIO CABLE?

For example  with Poseidon ES Master Reference Power Cable

and Morpheus Reference II Series II XLR.

In my main system I use Silnote - Orion RCA (Dac to preamp) , Poseidon 2 Digital, Poseidon RCA (preamp to power amp)

In my 2nd system I use Silnote Poseidon Digital, Morpheous Reference 2 Series 2 RCA , GL power cords
In my headphone system - Silnote Morpheous Reference 2 RCA
Thoroughly enjoy the musicality of the ICs and digital cables. The GL power cord is okay, I prefer Audio Art Cable power cords - use various ones in my main system
I bought a Silnote Poseidon ES Master Reference Power Cable several years ago, and liked it so much I bought a second one. 
That being said, in my system currently I am only using one of them. Like many I am constantly changing things looking for better performance and with my current configuration one of my Silnote cables is unused.

I am planning to build a AC Distribution box soon and other modifications will undoubtedly  follow so I am quite sure I will find a position in my system for my second Silnote cable at some point.

I have found the Silnote Poseidon ES cable to be superior at unmasking the subtle details in the music, compared with my other power cables. Of course more detail comes with an overall leaner sound, so depending on what you are hoping to accomplish this cable could be a great addition.

Good luck,


Thanks!  I am from Europe and the Silnote's cables are not well known here. With which PC did you compare the Silnote Poseidon ES?